How to Find the Right Volunteer Role

Alpha Phi is for life, but what does that really mean after graduation? Alpha Phi may have been the focus of your collegiate life, but it doesn’t necessarily remain your priority as an alumna. That being said, there are so many ways you can remain engaged with Alpha Phi and at a commitment level that fits your life and your interests.

Specifically, we hope you will consider volunteering. Recent graduates typically look for advisory board roles when they think about giving back. Makes sense because it’s what you have the most experience with—and Alpha Phi would love to have you. There are so many more opportunities to consider, though. For instance, collegiate chapters need housing volunteers, and recent graduates like yourself make excellent housing volunteers because of their energy and insight into today’s college woman. Alumnae chapters also need you now more than ever. Your enthusiasm and desire to connect and network can bring new life into a chapter, something that will bring rewards in many ways. And don’t forget our Affinity program. You can help your chapter’s alumnae stay connected and guide Alpha Phi’s alumnae development efforts.

Thinking about serving? A few things for you to do….
• Update your PHI Form (personal history and interest form) so that when volunteer opportunities become available, we can identify you as a potential volunteer. Your contact information (address specifically) needs to remain accurate.
• Check out our Volunteer Opportunities. Just know, these are updated monthly and may not represent all of our needs.
• Reach out to our Program Manager for Volunteer Development to discuss your plans after graduation and how Alpha Phi might benefit from your knowledge and experiences.

Alpha Phi is truly for life. We are ready and waiting for your involvement—when the time is right for you.