How to Connect with Alumnae

When you became a member of Alpha Phi, you probably weren’t thinking about what you’d do when you left college; after all, you worked so hard to get to college, you were focused on making the most of it. But remember, Alpha Phi isn’t just for four years; it’s for a lifetime. And as an Alpha Phi, you are part of something bigger, a network that extends around the globe, in fact. Alpha Phi will continue to be a source of lifetime value to you because services and opportunities cover all phases of your life. While you will always be a member of your collegiate chapter, there are more than 130 worldwide traditional alumnae chapters and Ivy Connection chapters that you can join now that you’re graduating. In other words, you have a built-in network of outstanding, successful women who are happy to assist you in all kinds of ways.

There are 3 main ways to get connect with Alpha Phi as an alumna:

1. Join an alumnae chapter. On the Alpha Phi website (, navigate to the Chapters page where there’s a list of all the alumnae chapters in every state and country. There’s usually a contact and email address listed, so reach out! A traditional alumnae chapter is for women of all ages, while the Ivy Connection chapters are geared toward women who have graduated within the last 10 years. Some cities have both. Find out about any events coming up, mark them on your calendar and you’ll have an instant circle of new, supportive friends, from a variety of collegiate chapters. Each alumnae chapter is different, but many host philanthropic activities, social events, business networking lunches, and opportunities to support a local collegiate chapter.

2. Social media. Some of the easiest ways to connect with alumnae are through social media platforms. Make sure to join the Alpha Phi LinkedIn group, as well as the subgroups that are targeted toward specific professions, allowing you to connect to other Alpha Phi alumnae professionals in your field. On LinkedIn, you’ll also be able to communicate with people about job posts and apartments for rent. Of course, don’t ditch Facebook. Ask to join a group that’s in your area, and you’ll find it’s a goldmine for making connections.

3. Volunteer. Consider volunteering for Alpha Phi in some capacity, and you’ll be automatically connected to a larger network of Alpha Phis. Plus, you’ll be building your resume at the same time.