Advice on Moving Abroad After College

Studying abroad

Moving, especially abroad, is an equally frightening and exciting concept. Over the last few years more and more alumnae, such as myself, are finding homes abroad in order to further pursue either a career or in my case, education. For those of you who are moving abroad or thinking about moving abroad, first off – do it! It is definitely worth it. Secondly, this article will give you a few pointers about how to get started.
In my opinion, the worst part of moving or traveling, besides leaving your family and friends of course, is packing. My word, do I despise packing! How can one expect to pack their lives into a few measly 50 pound (thank you for the limit airlines) suitcases? Well for those of you moving or even traveling for an extended period of time, here are a few pointers:

1) Scarves and statement necklaces are a girl’s best friend, this way you can pack less but still have plenty of “new” outfits to wear.
2) No, you do not need all of those heels, one or two nice pairs will suffice.
3) Sweatshirts are a necessity but two or three max is what you should bring as they take up a lot of valuable space and weight.
4) Pack things you know you will need/wear, not those outfits where you are like ‘oh I might wear that’. No. Do not fall into this trap. Worst case, you can always go out and buy some pretty new outfits.
Coming from a rural New England town, the thought of moving to a sprawling metropolitan area was quite thrilling. I mean, they actually have good, relatively reliable transportation which is practically unheard of in the Northeast. As someone who had never really taken pubic transport, minus planes and a few trains into Boston, the thought that people commuted this way was a rare concept. However, European public trains and subways are easy to navigate and even if you get lost, like I have many times, everyone is more than happy to help, even complete strangers.

The idea of public transportation brings up another, travel! Go explore new areas during your time abroad, whether it is right up the street or to a different country. In my case, I have made a list of all the things in England and mainland Europe that I will visit by the time I leave London (if I do) next September. Do not be afraid to just throw a few things in a suitcase and go.
Lastly, remember that no matter where you go or what you do, your family and sisters are always there to support you. Reach out to your sisters to ask questions or for advice, we are all friendly and more than willing to help! I am especially grateful for all the sisters here in London that have welcomed me into their lives and assisted me as I have adjusted to life outside the US, I could not have done this without them. And always remember: adventure is out there, you just need to be courageous enough to find it.
Abroad AuthorSpecial thanks to our Transitions contributor Erin Konicki –
Originally from Putnam, Connecticut, Erin attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute where she was a member of the Iota Omicron chapter of Alpha Phi. She served as the Director of Social Media and Philanthropy chair while a Student Researcher at both WPI and the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Erin is currently studying at Queen Mary University of London where she is a Graduate Student Research Associate while working towards her Master of Science in Immunology, Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases.