Advice on Finding the New “Norm”

Finding the New Norm 1

Sorority life prepares you for many things, but no one can truly prepare you for the moment when you’re sitting in your last chapter and you look around the room and realize you may never see many of those women again.

You’ve spent the last four years living in sync with these women, sharing the same experiences. The bonds you’ve formed with your Alpha Phi sisters are truly irreplaceable. With everyone heading in different directions after graduation, it can be unsettling to think about starting a new chapter of life on your own!

Like any relationship, maintaining successful friendships takes work. No longer being across the hall or even in the same city as your friends can put strain on the friendship. Some of you will be fortunate enough to live with sisters post-grad, but for most of you, settling into your new life without your closest friends is going to take some adjusting. This time in your life will take getting used to but there are so many ways you can stay in contact with your sisters!

Nostalgia is normal. Seeing photos of bid day, the first date function, and big/little reveal when you’re miles away isn’t going to be easy. But be proud of your Phi family, and your sisters, and know they’re proud of you.

Embrace the new. Don’t let the fear of being in a different city than your best friends scare you!  Just because you’re no longer in your chapter doesn’t mean there aren’t sisters around. There are now so many opportunities to make connections with sisters from chapters across the country. You may meet sisters in your new town, at work, through mutual friends, and you can reach out to local alumnae chapters in the area. You have sisters all over the world!

At the end of the day, the bonds of sisterhood you share are strong.  Even if you don’t see or talk your sisters everyday, the friendships that matter will stand the test of time! Remember that you’re all growing up and embarking on this new chapter in your lives together.

DanielleSpecial thanks to Transitions contributor Danielle Rappel! –

Danielle is a 2015 graduate of Florida State University where she was a founding member of the Gamma Phi chapter of Alpha Phi. She currently works as an Administrative Assistant with a strong background in the marketing industry, stemming from her time as the Director of Public Relations and Advertising in the Gamma Phi chapter.