Resume Tips and Tricks

The past four years of college have been full of friendships, leadership, and scholastic achievement. Now with the real world coming into perspective, it’s important to look to the future, whether that is going into a profession or continuing your education. Whatever you choose, having a professional resume will help put your name out there. Before you hit ‘submit’ for a job, make sure your resume is clear and understandable. Here are a few tips to do so:
 Leadership Positions
Holding a leadership position looks great on a resume, especially if relates to the field you’re interested in. Adding these positions to your resume shows that you were both active in your chapter, and practicing skills related to your field. Holding the position, however, is not enough. It is key to communicate to your employer exactly how you were successful within the position.
 Be Specific
Employers love to see how you helped grow an organization. Be able to succinctly summarize specific examples of how you improved your chapter through your leadership role. While you were active, did you recruit 10 new members in one semester or did the philanthropy event you organize raise over $5,000? Adding numbers allows employers to put your efforts into a visual measurement.
 Greek Speak
Words like “rush,” “ritual,” and “NPC” are common to Greek members but may not be to others. To non-Greek members, such words may have negative connotations that you do not intend. For your resume, substitute words, such as “recruitment” for “rush” and “ceremony” for “ritual”.
 Network
Take the extra step and network with Alpha Phi alumnae through social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and connect with a local alumnae chapter. Through these outlets, you can reach out to women within specific industries to review your resume or maybe give you helpful insight on what employers in their industry are looking for. Not to mention, these networking opportunities can also direct you to a great job or internship in your area.
 Resume looking a bit sparse?
If your resume needs a little more, take advantage of volunteer and internship opportunities available in your area. Many Greek organizations like the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values offer internships to grow your resume and help you continue your passion within Greek Life. Alpha Phi also offers many ways to volunteer your time and talents as an alumna!


Special thanks for our Transitions contributor Brenna Seger –
Brenna is a 2012 graduate of the University of Central Missouri. She majored in Public Relations while holding various leadership positions in the Theta Lambda chapter. She was the Director of Chapter Event and New Member Educator and showed some Panhellenic love as a Gamma Chi Recruitment Counselor and Panhellenic Executive Board Vice President of Scholarship.