6 Interview Tips for a New Job Seeker


The job search process can be overwhelming, especially if this is your first job out of college. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your dream job interview.

  1. Set-up practice interviews to help you become confident as an interviewee. Many universities offer career services to alumnae, check with your school on what resources are available to you. You can also ask your big sister or someone that has been in the workforce for a few years to do a practice phone or in person interview. Take the constructive feedback you receive and act on it for your next interview.
  1. Have a clean resume and most importantly know your resume well. Always bring a few printed copies of your resume with you to the interview, especially if you have made changes since you submitted it with your application. Some interviewers may refer solely to what you have listed, while others may not even refer to it. If and when discussing your experience, discuss more than what you have written on your resume since this should be only a snapshot of your experience and achievements.
  1. Study the job description for which you are applying, and research the company. As you read the job description and learn more about the company, you will develop talking points for your interview, especially concerning how you can be an asset to the organization. Through this process you should also formulate meaningful questions to ask during your interview that you couldn’t answer through your research.
  1. Many hiring managers agree that Millennials’ biggest interview faux pas is their attire. Always present yourself professionally and be sure to plan your outfit ahead of time. My number one rule is: If ever in doubt, it’s better to be overdressed! There are a lot of blogs, Pinterest boards and articles on professional women’s fashion, before you go shopping be sure to have a clear idea of the items you will need to create your perfect interview look.
  1. Remember to ask for your interviewer’s business card. This will help you remember the interviewer’s name and gain their contact information. Getting contact information is important because you should always follow-up with an email thanking them for their time and affirming your interest in the position within one day of the interview, do this for both phone and in person interviews.
  1. Lastly, before leaving the interview ask about the next steps in the interview process. This shows your interest in the job and will put your mind at ease as you wait for to hear back about your dream job.

Good luck!

megan valloneSpecial thanks to Transitions contributor Megan Vallone –

Megan is a 2014 graduate of the University of Southern California where she double majored in Psychology and Political Science. During her time at the Beta Pi chapter of Alpha Phi, Megan held many positions and especially enjoyed her role as the Vice President of Programming and Education. She currently works at a human resources consulting firm headquartered in Los Angeles.