Blogs We Love

Blogs We Love

Alpha Phi Alumnae Perspective Blog
Why we love it – The alumnae perspective blog is written by Alpha Phis for Alpha Phis. This blog proves that Alpha Phi is for a lifetime. Alumnae provide stories of how Alpha Phi has continued to impact and be a significant part of their lives throughout various life stages and experiences.

the blissful mind_blog we love

The Blissful Mind
Why we love it – The Blissful Mind gives us simple ways to be happier and healthier. From goals that focus on mind, body, and soul, to advice on dealing with being overwhelmed, Catherine provides ways to slow down and focus on the important things in life.



GoGirl Finance:

Why we love it – GoGirl provides career and financial advice with a twist. From advice on negotiating your salary to financing for big purchases, GoGirl gives you the knowledge to take a hold of your life and make confident decisions. Check out their blog!

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Molly Ford Beck’s: Smart, Pretty and Awkward

Why we love it – With each post Molly gives us a tip on how to be smarter, prettier and less awkward. From book recommendations to clothing suggestions to guidance for the work place, Molly provides advice to give anyone a boost. Not to mention, Molly is pretty BA! She was recently featured in Forbes giving tips on expanding your network. Check out her feature and her blog!


Budget Bytes: My Stomach is full, and my wallet is too.

Why we love it – Beth provides simple, quick and satisfying recipes for people who love to eat but are on a budget. You don’t have to be a professional chef to tackle her recipes. She wants to bring back the lost art of cooking to people with little to no cooking experience. Check it out!


The Everygirl

8 Life Lessons from our Favorite Funny Ladies

Why we love it – This Chicago based blog keeps us up to date on the events of the day while highlighting successful women and providing tips on health, fashion and living. They also have a jobs listings section for opportunities in marketing and fashion industries. Check it Out!