5 Reasons to Join an Alumna Chapter

Reasons to Join an Alumnae Chapter

When I graduated in May, I was so scared to leave the comfort of my undergraduate university and the sisters and best friends I had made along the way. Then, when I got into the real world I realized it wasn’t so bad after all. To make the transition even easier, I joined the Cleveland West Alumnae Chapter and it was as good of a choice as when I first accepted my bid four years ago. Here are just five reasons why you should join an alumna chapter after graduation:

  1. To expand your social calendar.
    I was always incredibly involved in college and one of my worries was that I would be bored come graduation. But getting involved in an alumna chapter has given me so many extra nights of fun gatherings with sisters that I didn’t have before.
  2. You learn about your surroundings.
    The great thing about alumna chapters is that everyone lives around the same area. Although I didn’t move very far from my university, I still moved to a city I have never lived in. Making connections with women who live near my town has helped me learn more about the city I now call home.
  3. Not all of your friends will be made in college.
    When I went to my first alumna event, I thought I would be the only recent graduate there, but luckily, I wasn’t. I met another sister fresh out of college who just moved from out of state to my same town. She was even more nervous than I was and we became fast friends, realizing we have a lot in common. We got together the next week and are going to continue exploring our new city together!
  4. Networking, networking, networking.
    Sure, you’re tired of hearing it from every class in college but there’s a reason it’s engrained in your brain! Networking is just as important in the real world as it is in college. I work at a non-profit so I am always looking to meet new people and recruit volunteers for my organization. I posted on my alumna Facebook page about an event I had coming up at work and one of the women responded. She turned out to be the most wonderful volunteer and I am so glad I was able to share my work with her.
  5. It reminds you that Alpha Phi is forever.
    The cliché saying “not four years, but a lifetime” could not be truer. During your undergraduate years it’s hard to believe you will ever have the same bond with Alpha Phi that you do during those four years. But, since I joined my alumna chapter I have felt as close to Alpha Phi as ever. It is a constant reminder that sisterhood extends far beyond your individual chapter, and it will always be in your heart.

So, put yourself out there and join an alumna chapter. You won’t regret it.

AOE <3


Special thanks to Transitions contributor Annette Fetter!
Annette is a 2015 graduate of Baldwin Wallace University where she was a member of the Delta Upsilon chapter of Alpha Phi. During her collegiate years she served in various roles, including Chapter President, and after graduation she joined volunteer life as a Alumnae and Parent Relations Advisors. She currently works as an Assistant Development Director for a prominent non-profit organization in Ohio.